The road to success is seldomly straight and a lot can be learned from the wrong turns we take while walking it. Unfortunately, once we reach our goals, we focus our reports almost entirely on the right choices we made. This makes others miss out on the lessons from our intermittent or even ultimate failures.

This workshop will provide a forum to “learn from failures” for researchers interested in designing and evaluating Ubicomp systems in complex sociotechnical systems. Participants will collaborate to collect failure stories in order to ultimately understand the challenges that arise during design and deployment of those systems, both at a broader level, as well in terms of domain specific challenges. The main goal of this workshop is to map the landscape of design failures to subsequently develop new scientific methods that will allow the Ubicomp community to design for and effectively evaluate failures and successes of Ubicomp system aimed at addressing complex sociotechnical problems.

We see failure stories about the development and deployment of Ubicomp systems as a key opportunity to rethink how we evaluate the design of complex sociotechnical systems. We believe that combining insights from human-centered design and failure stories will improve understanding of specific sociotechnical challenges that characterize modern and complex Ubicomp solutions.

Important dates:

Submission deadline:July 10
Notification of acceptance:July 13
Camera-ready:July 21 July 17
Workshop date and venue:September 12, 2017